Can City Surveillance Cameras Help Curb Crime


Have you ever observed your city from a distance and wondered how it functions? You will see the usual sights – kids going to school, adults going to work, senior citizens taking a walk in the park, and an insane number of vehicles plying on the road. Everything happens like clockwork with the confidence that the law enforcement officials will do the needful to keep the city and its people safe. Despite the frequent news of robberies, murders and kidnapping cases, it is this faith that keeps us going. But along with law enforcement officials, there are a multitude of surveillance cameras too that are doing their job equally diligently and relentlessly.

While city surveillance cameras may not always prevent crime, but it definitely helps in reducing it with constant vigilance. In fact, the police department depends a lot on the video surveillance systems that are installed at vantage points in all the public places. Since they give remote access to users, it is easier to monitor a greater area. Criminals too usually avoid places that are equipped with high security measures. Surveillance systems are programmed to alert the users and the operators if anything unusual is captured on the camera. Motion sensors for instance, help a great deal in curbing crime at the stores during non-business hours.

Highway police and traffic control departments rely on intelligent traffic systems to monitor traffic and maintain road discipline. They can monitor freeways at night to keep a check on drug traffickers or track offenders in a hit and run case. While surveillance cameras can definitely help deter crime, they cannot always be conclusive. The footage can sometimes be blurred or the weather could be so bad that the camera could hardly capture anything.

Video surveillance is evolving by the day and sophisticated systems are being introduced every now and then. Virtually all public places are covered and are under strict vigilance to curtail crime. Needless to say, surveillance cameras go a long way in curbing crime and maintaining peace in the city.


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