How an intelligent transportation system helps?


With an intelligent transportation system, officials can save lives, time as well as money. It plays an important role in reducing the driver’s risk of being involved in an accident or a crash. A broad range of traditional and wireless information and electronic technologies are involved in ITS. The main aim is to combine these technologies and information and create a network that helps ensure safety, improve mobility and care for the environment by reducing fuel wastage.

How ITS helps in improving traffic safety?

Accidents can happen due to unsafe speeding, heavy traffic or dangerous weather conditions. But with the help of intelligent transportation systems, any untoward incident can be avoided. For instance, these systems have real-time weather monitoring feature that collects information on wind speed, visibility, road conditions and more. This helps traffic controllers get updated information on driving conditions. With this information, warning signs can be updated and speed limits can be decided, if the need arises.

With the help of intelligent transportation systems, officials have been able to reduce infrastructural damage as well. For instance, if a heavy vehicle is overloaded, it can put a lot of strain on the road network. But with the weigh-in-motion system, the size, type and weight of vehicles can be measured as they are moving. The collected data can be sent to the central server where it can be used for reducing damage to the roadways.

Such systems are also effective in controlling traffic, managing parking and also in gathering traffic data. Be it autotracking PTZ cameras or ITS, security surveillance has become quite easy with technology. Today, one can keep a track of their private or commercial property or security officials can conduct city surveillance with ease by using best quality surveillance cameras and systems.


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