Make the Most of Your Surveillance System with Video Analytics

Security video surveillanceWant to make your surveillance system more efficient and reduce the workload on management and security staff? If the answer is yes, then you will need video analytics for capturing the full value of security video by making the IP camera system work smarter.

Even today, many residential or commercial buildings have a security guard who sits in the booth and watches the security camera feed live in the hope to catch any suspicious activity. It is not a very practical or efficient method for surveillance because this model relies on a live person watching and reviewing the videos. With different levels of focus and different ideas of suspicious activities of security guards, it becomes difficult to ensure maximum security.

Fortunately, video management software has changed this system, making it more efficient. Now a software can be used for monitoring the video feed around the clock and making you alert about activities. You need to watch the camera only when something happens. This can save you a lot of time and effort.

Different Forms of Video Analytics

There are several forms of video analytics software available for security cameras. It is either installed on the camera, on the network video recorder (NVR) or available as a third party software. Depending on the application and the manufacturer, each solution works differently; however, the basic function is the same for all.
This software comes with various features that make it an easy fit into any surveillance system. It is best to choose a software that supports every system, be it a large multi-campus system or a small system.

How the analytics solution works?

When the software is being set up, the user needs to set parameters to the activity the software is looking for and also set up the alert notification system. As soon as the video analytics software will detect something that meets its search criteria, it will alert the user.
Let us understand this with an example. If you are a business owner and you want to use the surveillance system for detecting motions in your store after hours, you will have to set up the system for detection during the hours the store or office is closed. If the system will detect any motion, it will send you an email so that you can react quickly to an accident or break-in incident.
You can use video analytics solution for several purposes. It can be used for motion detection, license plate reading, facial recognition, dwell time monitoring for retail stores, people counting and recognizing long lines at checkout. You can get the solution personalized as per your security needs.
This software has also become a huge focus in railway CCTV projects. It has come a long way in the last few years as far as the accessibility and capabilities are concerned. Today, it can be used by many different types of users and in a variety of environments due to the rise in camera and server processing powers.


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